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Adventure Biking

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Last night I got wings at Outer Limits in Valley with the lake neighbors. After dinner I went home and charged my bike light and prepared for a night ride. My friend Calla ended up riding her bike and meeting me at our friends house to talk for 20 minutes. It was very dark out when we left the farm, so I rode next to calla to her house. As I was leaving her neighborhood I didn’t see the crack that I see every time I’m in their hood. And I felt and heard a “boop” and didn’t think anything of it but a half mile down the road my tire was flat. So I was stranded 5 miles from home. Luckily the farm where my friend lives was a quick 2-minute drive so he picked me up and took me home, I tried to fix the flat but I couldn’t so my guud buddy Matt who works part time at bike shop had me come in the next day (today) where he put the new tire on, fixed my seat and added my back aero wheel. He then told me to ride across to council tuckey. I didn’t have my riding jersey

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