• Tristan Nelson

Captain of the Road

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I was on my normal night time bike route, but this time it was about 11:40 PM and I was on my way back from Valley town when I was shining my light at a new sidewalk in town being installed while still riding. I noticed a car in the opposite lane coming and didn’t worry about it. But there was a car behind me which I didn’t see and when they got close they honked their horn because I was in the middle of the lane. I then realized it was the city police, he proceeded to pass me then pulled over like he wanted to talk…After rolling the window down he leans out and with a stern deep voice he said “Control the road, understand partner?” I responded “Sure thing Guy man” he then gave me the 2 finger local wave and sped off…. Tonight it wasn’t the police ruling the road, not even the deasil trucks; it couldn’t have been the mini van. I wish I could say it was the sweaty runners, but no tonight the guy controlling the roads was a skinny kid with a flat top and a ketchup blog who finds enjoyment riding his bike at night thinking he’s keeping his world (the only world that matter) SAFE…

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