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Course Measurements

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

You may not know that I am the state of Nebraska LDR Chair (Long Distance Running) which means I over see for the Nebraska association USATF for long distance running. Trying to coordinate championship road races throughout the state year round. With this comes new opportunities. I am the race director for the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon and with that we had to certify our course through the USATF program. I went to Columbus Ohio in November to gain knowledge on all things distance running and putting on events and races and most importantly course certification and measuring. After measuring our marathon, I really enjoyed it and wanted to measure as many courses as possible in the future. So my friend Chris who is the race director for the Fremont White Light Mile contacted me asking If I could measure his course and I happily accepted. I took my 2 lake neighbor friends Aly and Lily along because the start and finish is at the coolest coffee shop in Fremont (shoot-out Milady Coffeehouse) The girls said they would 10/10 go again. (WIN) I then met with Chris to find out all the details about the course before I contact him for the official date to measure the course…Catch me this October defending my first place finish at the white light mile in Fremont Nebraska with my time last year of 4:23.7…

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