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Great American Bike Crash

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

It was Americas birthday, and what better way than to spend it spinning some fast wheel in the heat of the day. I rode to my friends house in West Shores to see how the party prep was going for the all day banger they were seemingly having, that must have started at 10 am. I grabbed a naturday and drank it while on the beach then talked some more before leaving on my final leg of the ride. I was on the intersection of 204 and Blondo. The race track I call it. I was getting ready to turn and saw a car put on their blinker so naturally I sped up and hit the corner going about 22 mph when all of the sudden I found myself on the ground. I hit a small patch of pebbles and my bike literally flew out from under me going across the street into the grass. My helmet and everything in my shirt pocket also came off of me. There was a line of 4 cars all stopped after watching me roll and slam my body onto the cement. (ya I say cement) A woman got out of her car screaming if I was okay and I assured I was fine and simply just wanted to leave the situation as I was so embarrassed just eating rocks in front of all these people. So I gathered my life and rode to my friend Wiggins house who was 200 yards away to wash up before I went home to finish my festivities for the day. No serious injuries just a sore wrist and a big ol bruise on my thigh and no skin on my left forearm. Sometimes in life you need a crash to reset your path. I crashed, got a few days rest and my buddy matt came over to get me back in spinning wheel fast. So I am looking forward to the Omaha Triathlon July 21. Catch me beating local dads to win the chip.

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