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Omaha Triatholon....5k

on Sunday I had the first race of my race schedule this year gearing up for my Hapf Ironman in Decembe. I competed in the Omaha triathlon olympic distance. Or so I thought, I was rudely awoken on race day at 3:30 am to loud thunder and heavy rain. I proceeded to go to the event and upon arrival the race Director says they are canceling the swim portion and most likely the bike because the rods will be too wet to ride on....So this leaves the race to a 5k run, paying $110 for a triathlon only roc run a 5k. Many of the participants were extremely mad that they couldn’t reschedule or post pone the race. Little do they know that Mother Nature happens (the FLOOD OF 19) and sometimes it rains and ruins a race day. The behind the scenes for these races is incredible having to deal with the city council, county engineers and the county police to block off the roads. This take months in advance to plan the exact time the roads will be closed for runners and bikers not allowing cars for 4-6 hours on these roads. It sucks that I couldn’t get a legit race in but I feel for the race Director and am not mad in any way. Just disappointed in Mother Nature....

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