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Rope Light

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I went to my neighbors house to enjoy their boat and jet ski. Maybe get a little wakeboarding or tubing in? We were swimming in the middle of the lake before Aly got on the wakeboard. After a quick two laps around the lake she fell and ended her session for the night. Got back into the boat and we drove off into the sunset…. What did we forget, the simplest of things, bring the rope in!!! only 30 seconds or so went by before any of us realized we forgot the rope. But by then it was far too late, the rope was wrapped around the prop a solid 20 times. We were stuck not wanting o spin the prop anymore than we already did. We docked the boat on the retaining wall across the lake and waited for the jet ski herself, Calla to save us. She came and pulled us to the boat ramp where we got the boat out and cut the rope. Some tempers were high on the boat, some awkward. But after things settled we got a quick laugh out of this while swimming one more time in the middle of the lake. No matter the situation that arises, a simple mistake can change the path for your whole day or just an hour like us. But through all the small stressors just remember to always stay calm and DON’T FORGET TO SMILE.

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