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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

I have a small group of friends (I’ll introduce them in time) that we often enjoy going to our favorite or new restaurants in town. This time we chose to go to the new JAMS location on 170th and center in the old UpStream location. As soon s I walked in the door I fell in love with the blue sapphire atmosphere. The booth seats were blue velvet backs with snakeskin seats, an instant vibe if you ask the vibe expert. The waiter instructed me that they have Riesling wine, so I had to cop a glass. Onto the meal which is a very typical meal for the ketchup kid…Plain hamburger with fries and lots of ketchup. Bonus for jams for bringing me a BOWL of ketchup. My friends and I then shared our meals and more laughs before driving home and hitting the local gas station for ice cream.

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