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Who's the Ketchup Kid

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Tristan Nelson is a once in a generation runner.  He displays a deep understanding and commitment to the developmental aspect of our sport that belies his 22 years.  He has accepted the mantle of leadership on a local, regional, and national level.  Nebraska USATF Long Distance Running Chair, Race Director for the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon, USATF Course Measurer, USATF National Masters LDR Committee member, member of the USATF Competitive Club Nebraska Run Guru Elite, Inc.  Tristan is competitive in both road racing and the triathlon, giving insight into the needs of athletes on the most basic level.  His work designing the Valley 7 Lakes Marathon course as the "World's Flattest Completely Closed Marathon" has been lauded by athletes of all abilities and in particular those dreaming of Olympic Trials and beyond.  Providing runners the opportunity to "Run To Your Potential."  Tristan understands the importance of service to and advocacy for American athletes.  A strong work ethic and vision has also prompted his entry into the public service arena, having run for the DC West School Board.  Commitment to community, athletes, and our sport, defines Tristan.  The future of distance running in Nebraska and the United States.

Will Lindgren

Executive Director, Nebraska Run Guru Elite.Inc

Executive Director, Valley 7 Lakes Marathon

Founder, Nebraska USATF LDR Program  

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